Northern lights or Aurora Borealis

 Northern lights or Aurora Borealis 
Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, a fantastic sight to see.  We are lucky enough to have seen a fantastic display and I am so looking forwards to my next time. unfortunately they can not be guaranteed at any time. But I will be out again tonight just in case. So please come back and check for more photos. When you come to Mull don’t be upset if you don’t get to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis as there are plenty more fantastic thing to see and do on Mull.

Hope you enjoy the gallery of Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis. We had a fantastic time out watching such a spectacular display, and hoping for an other very soon. Where to go to observe the aurora: Because the aurora is trapped on the magnetic field lines, it is most often seen near the north and south poles of Earth. Because of the structure of the magnetosphere, and the primary acceleration processes in the tail part of the magnetosphere (away from the sun), aurora form a ring or oval around each of the poles of Earth and are brightest and most dramatic near midnight. The auroral ovals are not centered on the geographic pole but are centered on the magnetic pole of Earth. On nights where there is little geomagnetic activity and the aurora is quiet, it stays further poleward. But when activity picks up, it becomes brighter and the auroral oval expands towards the equator. During very large events, it is possible to see the aurora in the continental US. and is often seen here on Mull, but not always as spectacular as last night

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