Aurora or Northern Lights 

 Aurora or Northern Lights Last night Feb 27th 2014 was just Amazing.

Aurora at Hartofmull Log Cabins

Words just can not describe the feeling of seeing such a beautiful natural phenomenon, and out side your own house.

Aurora at Hart of Mull Log Cabins

The night started off as normal sitting down to watch TV when our Daughter spotted on and that the aurora was to be good, and as it was a clear night things where looking good.

Aurora at Hart of Mull Log Cabins

So off she went with camera in Hand to see if she might get something. The images will stay with me for a life time it was just fantastic.  All the images on this blog are taken around our cabins here at Hart of Mull Log Cabins.

Aurora at Hart of Mull Log Cabins

I was so glad I ventured out in to the cold. If you ever get the chance to visit Mull or anywhere in the world that has no or little light pollution check the links above to see if there is the chance to see Northern Lights . I think If more street light are turned off more people would see the fantastic displays of Northern lights as its light pollution stopping most from seeing them.  

Aurora at Hart of Mull Log Cabins

Although aurora can not be guarantied on a visit to Mull as they are a natural  phenomenon, the Western Isles of Scotland gets more than its fair share of displays and the ones last night were particularly good.   

Aurora at Hart of Mull Log Cabins

I would like to thank Amy Mellor for taking all these fantastic photos, and I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of the Aurora or Northern Lights. If you would like to leave a comment below please do so.


Aurora at Hart of Mull Log Cabins



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