Hot tub Disclaimer

Hot tub disclaimer 

Please read if booking cabin 1 with hot tub

PLEASE NOTE: By booking Cabin 1 with hot tub you agree to the terms and conditions bellow.
As the lead guest you are responsible for ALL the people staying at the Cabin with you during your stay being aware and agreeing to this information.
A copy of the rules will be available at the Cabin in the guest welcome folder or mounted on the wall.
The lead guest is responsible for making sure that all members of their party, and their guests, are aware of, and strictly adhere to the guidelines for proper use of the hot tub.

Enjoy the Hot Tub but remember! Any damage to the hot tub, the cover, cover lifting arm and handles will be charged for, the card held may be charged in the event of any damage
We understand that having a hot tub in your cottage/apartment is a special touch to your holiday experience and adds that little bit of extra indulgence to your break. We want you to have pleasurable experience relaxing under the stars and enjoying the company of friends and family. For your (and your guests’ safety), it is essential to understand and adhere to the advice and guidelines for proper use as outlined below:
⦁ We take no responsibility for any accident, injury or health issue resulting from the use of the hot tub.
⦁ The hot tub must never be switched off at the mains. Only authorized maintenance personnel are authorized to control the mains power. There may be an extra charge added to your bill if the tub is switched off during your stay – even if you are not using it.
⦁ Hot tub cleanliness is paramount. For your own safety it is essential that the water is kept clean as failure to do so results in the water balance changing which seriously diminishes the effectiveness of the sanitizing chemicals. Our personnel will check the chemical balance of the hot tub periodically to monitor the levels of micro bacteria. This may be up to 3 times a day (dependent on usage) to check the water balance and quality. Water balance/chemicals will be adjusted as necessary, and results recorded. This procedure is a safety requirement for hot tubs in holiday properties and ensures that the chemical balance of the water remains continuously safe for your enjoyment throughout your stay.
⦁ If upon inspection the hot tub is found to be dirty due to misuse, it may be necessary to for us to empty the hot tub and switch it off. We reserve the right to turn the hot tub off for the remainder of your stay. If you wish to have the hot tub cleaned and refilled, this will incur an additional cost of
£100. Please be aware that it can take up to 48 hours for the pool to reheat.
⦁ Only guests whose names have been provided on your booking are permitted to use your hot tub.
⦁ Please note the maximum capacity for the hot tub is five persons.
⦁ If the hot tub needs to be shut down, cleaned, and refilled this will incur you a cost of £100.
⦁ People with infectious diseases should not and are not permitted to use the hot tub.
⦁ The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication before or during the hot tub may lead to drowning.
⦁ People on medication should always consult their doctor before using the tub.
⦁ People who are pregnant, obese, have heart conditions, blood pressure problems, circulatory problems, skin conditions or diabetes should always consult their doctor before using the tub.
⦁ Do not use the tub immediately after strenuous exercise.
⦁ Prolonged use of the hot tub can lead to hyperthermia. This is a dangerous condition when the internal body temperature exceeds 37 degrees. Symptoms may include failure to perceive impending hazard, failure to perceive heat, failure to recognize need to leave the tub, unconsciousness, and drowning.
⦁ Do not open the electrical box of the hot tub.
⦁ NEVER leave one person alone in the tub or let them sleep in it. This could lead drowning. Please be considerate and treat the tub as if it were your own as maintenance is expensive.
⦁ Do not drink the water or allow the water to enter your mouth.
⦁ NEVER allow children under 5 in the hot tub.
⦁ In the interest of the peace and quiet for other guests staying on site the hot tub cannot be used past 10pm.
⦁ Do not stand, sit, or climb on the hot tub cover and do not allow children on the hot tub cover.
⦁ Do not press any buttons on the control panel except the Jets button and the lights button Pressing or pressing and holding buttons will affect the running of the tub and could result in the tub not being able to be used.

The hot tub has been provided for you to enjoy in comfort and provide a relaxing experience whilst you stay with us. However, for your safety and enjoyment there are guidelines for the proper use of the hot tub that must be adhered to by all guests. This is an important health and safety legal requirement for hot tubs used in a commercial environment. You must adhere to the guidelines set out below. Failure to do so could result in injury or death and we accept no liability, due to loss or injury in relation to inappropriate behavior, or misuse whilst in or around the confines of the hot tub.
There are a few simple rules to follow so you can enjoy the tub throughout your stay.

Guests must shower and use the toilet before entering the hot tub. Sun creams, midge sprays, Make up all effect the ph. levels.
Fake tan will stain and dirty the hot tub, requiring us to empty the hot tub and switch it off. This will incur a cost to you.
Do not use any soaps or detergents of any type in the hot tub, this will result in it having to be shut down, emptied and refilled. This will incur a cost. Appropriate swimwear should always be worn, naked bathing is not permitted. The Tub will be inspected Daily and the correct action if needed will be Taken.


The hot tub is quite deep so for caution there should always be a minimum of 2 people in the hot tub in case of an emergency.
Keep all loose articles of clothing and jewelry away from the rotating jets.
Test the water with your hand before entering to make sure it is a comfortable temperature.
Guests should never submerge their head in the water.
Hot tub water is not suitable to be in or near your mouth and should never be consumed. It is your responsibility to instruct any children of this advice.
Do not jump into the hot tub, nor stand on or jump on the lid.
Be aware that surfaces in and around the hot tub may be slippery with water or ice.
Never take glass into the hot tub, plastic Cups
are provided.
Any glass broken in or around the tub needs to be reported immediately.
Risk to children – Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent unauthorized access by underage children. The hot tub cover must always remain closed unless a responsible adult is present.
No children under 5 years old are permitted in the tub, as they cannot regulate their body temperatures suitably.
Instruct your children to shower and visit the toilet prior to use of the tub and inform them to keep their heads out of the water (especially mouth and ears).
Use extreme caution with all children wishing to use the hot tub, they are prone to overheating and this can be extremely dangerous. ALL children under 16 MUST be supervised at all times.
ONLY use the control panel buttons shown to you on entry. Improper use can put the tub ‘to sleep’, which lowers the temperature, and this can take up to 24 hours to warm up again and increases the possibility of bacteria’s multiplying. Never remove the operating panel, the suction fitting etc. from the hot tub.

There are 4 clips to hold the hot tub lid on. You will be shown on entry to the lodge how to open and shut the tub. Do not attempt to forcibly pull the lid or its clips.
Always strap the lid down and clip all 4 clips back when you leave the tub.
Failure to do so may end up with the lid being blown off and can damage the lid and its supporting arms, this could be very expensive to repair, and you are liable for the cost.
Please report any illnesses following Hot tub usage to the office immediately. This is extremely important if pneumonia-like symptoms are experienced.