Isle of Mull


 Isle of Mull 

Isle of Mull is a fantastic place to live and work and I feel blessed for having had the chance to experience it. I love having the opportunity to promote the Isle of Mull through my blog, and I hope every one enjoys reading it. So my job is to make you want to come on your next holiday here to the Isle of Mull. I think there are lots of reasons why you should but I will list only a few I promise not to go on too long.

Isle of MullIsle of MullIsle of mull


When I want to go on holiday I look for some where with a variety of views and changing scenery Isle of Mull ✔. The people are friendly ✔. There will be wild life aplenty in there natural environment ✔. If I want to walk for miles in unspoilt country side I can✔or visit historical castles or churches I can✔. We also have little fishing villages, colourful villages  and beautiful sandy beaches and rocky coves.

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Isle of Mull



We have some wonderful restaurants with fresh locally supplied food from fish to venison with local beef pork and lamb even biscuits and cheese all coming up tops. If you would rather stop at your rented accommodation and cook for your self you can buy local produce in many of the small shops around the Isle of Mull and at the local producers markets that are held around the Island over summer. If its a tipple you are after here on the Isle of Mull we have micro brewery brewing mulls own beer and a whiskey Distillery where you can visit and see Isle of Mull whiskey being distilled, then we have an array of pubs, bars, hotels and cafés along with restaurants where you can taste the local products. Our wild life here on mull is plentiful but if you would like help in finding it or just putting a name to it there are lots of people here on Mull that can help you make the most of your holiday. If all you want from your holiday here on the Isle of Mull is to relax and get away from it all then you can do that as well. Many a person has come to Mull with a poetic side to write and Mull has inspired many from Mendelssohn to the band  Elbow to write fantastic music poems and story. If its a photo to a painting that you need inspiration for then you will be in the right place here on Mull. Well I did say I would not go on for so long , but when I get going on how much the Isle of Mull has to offer a holiday maker make the memories that will last a life time, how long is too long. So start your journey now and book your accommodation try  or  and ferry with . Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope we have made you decide to make the Isle of Mull your next holiday destination.

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