Spring Equinox on Mull

Spring Equinox on Mull



The spring equinox on mull, like everywhere, is technically when we pass from winter to summer and after what feels like a long winter, spring on the Isle of mull is finally underway, the snowdrops have given way to the first daffodils, the first buds are appearing on the trees, and the snow is quickly melting on Ben More.

Spring Equinox on MullAs I write we have just past the equinox and here on mull, as usual it was accompanied by a flurry of spectacular nights watching the aurora. Nobody really understands why the equinoxes seem to have such a close tie with aurora displays, but for me this is a special time of year and for one I enjoy getting wrapped up against the cold to watch this wonderful phenomenon. March 15th was the best I have ever seen and I took the chance to take out the camera and see what I could capture, I emphasize I am a strict amateur that I am only just getting used to the complexity of my camera.

The cold starry nights are now giving way to lengthening daylight and a little more heat in the sun, the animals have certainly noticed that spring is here and when I wake in the morning it is noticeable that more and more birds are singing and going about their business and we can all look forward to the latest generation of young been reared on the Isle of Mull.

Spring Equinox on Mull

Spring on the Isle of mull is the time of year when the residents all get prepared for the summer season, people on the island have a smile on their face after their semi-hibernation and there is a last minute panic to get all the little last minute jobs done that the winter weather wouldn’t allow.

 Here at hart of mull log cabins we have installed a new electric shower in cabin 1 and the paint brush is about to get its annual outing for the regular timber treatment, also plans are afoot for the installation of a Jacuzzi hot tub at cabin 2 and the turf roofs are about to begin on the camping cabin and sauna.

 Next stop mid summer’s day.

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