The Milky Way and Aurora

 The Milky way and Aurora 

The Milky Way and Aurora or the Northern Lights. As you can see from the Photo above the milky way is quite spectacular. The photo was taken in early October 2013 by




Milky Way and aurora

Milky Way from Hart of Mull Self Catering Log Cabins













The Milky way and Aurora or  the Northern Lights can be seen on a clear evening in the dark winter months.  But as they are both natural conditions they can not be guaranteed . I think that sat out side on a dark winters night surrounded by darkness, the millions of stars, the odd bat and owl flying around and the sound of the deer ruts in the distance is quite romantic. And if you book our log cabin 1 you can watch all of this while sat in a Barrel Hot tub.

Milky Way from Hart of Mull Self catering log Cabins Isle of Mull


The Milky way and Aurora

red deer

It is easier than you think to see Aurora borealis or northern lights in the Uk. All you need is a dark place a clear sky and good timing. We have the dark place, clear sky’s and good timing we can not guarantee this link might be able to help with the timing.

Milky Way and Aurora from Hart of Mull Self catering log Cabins Isle of Mull

Dark Starry Sky

If you are unlucky when you come to Mull and don’t see the Milky Way and Aurora, don’t worry there are plenty more spectacular sight to see.  Mull has beauty around every corner from sun sets to sun rises snow covered mountains to cloud covered mountains white sandy beaches to rock coves. From January through to December there is always some thing of beauty to behold on the Fantastic Isle of Mull.

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