White Tailed Sea Eagles on Mull

White Tailed Sea Eagles on Mull are doing well again . This year sees a move of hide from Loch Frisa to Glen Seilisdeir. The pair of  White Tailed  Sea Eagles that can be seen from the hide have been named Iona and Fingal . The pair have been together since 2002 and have fledged five chicks over the years so lets hope they do well this year with their two chicks .

The New white tailed sea eagle hide is well worth a visit  as is the boat trip of the west coast with Mull Charters, many of our guests have been on this trip and say it is worth every penny. Apart for trips the sea eagle can often be seen out and about and with a wing span of 2.4 meters they are hard to miss . The size of the nest as you will imagine is not small at about 2 meters across and over half a meter deep . We are proud of how the White Tailed Sea Eagles on Mull have settled  and are breeding and living successfully from when they where introduced in the 1990’s form Norway. Its hard to think of a time before their was no white Tailed  Sea Eagles on Mull. The Hide at Glen Seilisdeir is open Monday to Friday from April-September, running two trips a day  and Rangers will give you all the information you will need on the white tailed Sea Eagles on Mull  booking is essential , please ask us for any information on wild life trips on the island

A boat trip from the Isle of mull

A boat trip from the isle of Mull and a camera and a fantastic day

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