Isle of Mull

Isle of Mull to me is a fantastic place to live.It is a beautiful Island with changing scenery around every corner .The Hebridean Isle of Mull is the third largest Island in Scotland, And is easy to travel to with three different ferry routes on to the Island. But what do you the visitors think to our Isle of Mull . Please leave your comment below about your Time here on the Isle of Mull, or your time in our cabins if you stayed with us. What do you think of the History or the castles, Did you see our wild life from the famous white tailed sea eagles to lesser known birds and even the moths and butterfly’s that all fly around in our fresh clean air.

Isle of Mull Roads

The roads here on Mull have been repaired at last so If you have not been here in a while now is a good time to return, as we have also had good weather for most of the season with just an occasional bit of rain but June in whole was the driest ever and a whole lot better than the main land.I feel very lucky to live here on the Isle of Mull, So we are glad we can offer Hart of Mull Self Catering Log Cabins as a place to stay so you can experience some of the wonderful  things Mull has to offer. If you are thinking of coming to Isle of Mull please have a look at our accommodation or if you have been to  Mull please leave a comment below letting us know what you think. Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.  Diane. 

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