Hill fire on Isle of Mull

 Hill Fire on Isle of Mull 

Hill Fire on the Isle of Mull. It has been so Dry on the Isle of Mull Over this winter that on April 8th 2013 as I was so shocked to see lots of Smoke out the front of My house at around 1 pm and to find out that there was an Hill fire some 2 miles wide over the other side of the hill from Glenforsa estate it was blown some distance and went on for a long number of hours and was still burning at 7 pm  As we woke on the 9th April we can see no more smoke so hopefully the fire is out and no one was hurt,And a big thank you goes to all the fire men and women on the isle of Mull and Lochaline for all their hard work.

As the long dry spell here on the Isle of Mull Carries on we have to remember not to leave fires unattended or leave bottles or cans behind that could start a fire.To all those that live or holiday on this Fantastic Island look after it www.hartofmull.co.uk

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